2014 Goals

I figure it's only right to have some specific goals in print of what I hope to accomplish this year.  I'm a dreamer, so these may be lofty, but...hey...I can dream right?!


Expand browsing area.
Expand sleeping pen area.
Grain trucks sold.
Move stachion.
Add new goats.
Get disease testing done.
Milk goats.


Build new, permanent coop.
Add new layers to flock.
Try out meat birds.
If meatbirds go well, add turkeys.
Sell eggs.


Trim trees in orchard.
Spend more time in garden.
Stay on top of weeding.
Try some new heirloom seeds.
Do not let produce go to waste.
Can/freeze/preserve for winter.
Create plan of what to plant, and stick to it!



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