Saturday, February 1, 2014


Some of you may know me from The Atypical Housewife, and if you followed from there to here, well...Welcome!  If you are new please stop by the comments and say hello!  I'm looking for other like minded bloggers to follow.

I've been a "blogger" for quite some time now.  I previously wrote at The Atypical Housewife, but slowly ran out of steam.  There were so many things I wanted to talk about, but I felt inhibited by my niche or my readers.  The truth is life kind of changed when I decided to pursue a more self sufficient lifestyle.  My thoughts suddenly switched from finding a nice home in the burbs, to the logistics to raising chickens.  I started doing all this reading and research on where our food comes from, and making things from scratch.  I got chickens, and fell in love.  The next spring I added goats.  This year I hope to add more chickens, meat birds, maybe turkeys and actually get some milk from my goats.  I realized it's this life, and any scraps of knowledge I have that I want to share.

I want to show people how to plant it, grow it, harvest it, preserve it and eat it.  I want to show someone how to take that ordinary carrot from the garden, and enjoy it as a delicious, simple feast.  I hope to share recipes, how to's, tips on owning (some) livestock and more.  I have this entire list of things I hope to share, and show you.  From the best days to the worst, and all the places in between.

Are you ready for this adventure?  You better grab a cup of coffee, and get comfy because here we go!


  1. Hey Monica! Found you via pinterest a while back, I think from one of your goat posts on The Atypical Housewife. I'm excited to start following you here! I actually just started a little blog myself, chronicling our farmy adventures. You can find me at See you around the blogosphere!

    1. Hey Lindsey! How wonderful that you've started a blog!! I'm headed over right now to take a peek!